What We Do

Brad Locke

A Little About Me

I started my career in real estate when I was 20.  In 2001 it turned into a full time career and has been my passion ever since.  I am a Seniors Real Estate Specialist with the Family Matters Realty Group at Worth Clark Realty and a certified residential real estate appraiser with over 5,000 appraisals to my credit.  All this has provided me with a unique perspective on real estate. 


Both of my parents were only children.  For this reason I saw them handle both sets of my grandparents estates all alone.  This meant going through the homes, organizing for the ensuing estate sales, cleaning up afterward, getting the home ready to sell, and interviewing Realtors.  While I did not realize it at the time, I now know what a daunting and stressful task this was for them. 


What I Will Do For You

Over the years I have assembled a team of independent professionals that are among the best in their field of practice.  This provides a level of personal service and expertise beyond all others.  We collaborate and consult with each other on a regular basis.  This results in the smoothest path to your ultimate goal. 


Sometimes your involvement is part of the healing process.  With my working relationship with estate sale companies, auctioneers, attorneys, handyman, and cleaning services should you need any of these services you may be involved in the process as much or as little as you desire.


Compassionate professionalism you can trust

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